What can I say about this group? They are simply the best band ever! From their lead singer/songwriter/producer Ryan Tedder (collaborated with Maroon 5's "Lucky Strike", Adele's "Rumor has it", Beyoncé and her famous "Halo", and many more) to the amazing bassist/cellist Brent Kutzle, this group really keeps on getting better and better with each album. I have been fan of this band since their first single "Apologize" feat. Timbaland in 2007. Ever since, their fame became very noticeable with hits such as "Secrets", "All the right moves", "Stop and stare", "Good life" and their new single "Counting stars".  Since I went to their concert on July 27 in Rochester Hill, MI (VIP) I really "Can't stop" listening to them because they have "Something I need" and make my "Life in Color". Their concert was AMAZING, and I really enjoyed every minute of it (even if Ryan was sick that day and it was raining). They are very important in my life and because not just because their music is so much much to listen (while I am doing work or alone in my bed) is just because their lyrics are so related to everyone and make us feel connected even though I haven't tell them my "Secrets". 
In their official site, I can find all of the news, concert details (ticket, VIP offers and tour dates), pictures, videos, albums, forums where fans all over the world can interact with other fans. Also it has a section of store featuring the actual merchandise of the band brought in the concert sale. Also they have a Facebook page, where the band members (or their personal assistant) interact and let people that goes to their concert, to be able to post them by the #1RSUMMERTOUR (for ex. I went to Rochester Hills in Michigan, so I posted pictures of the concert by the #1RROCHESTERHILLS). ANd of course they still has their MySpace page, (their first official page platform for them when th

Josh Groban

I love this man, that is all I am going to say. He will be my forever crush. From his powerful and beautiful voice, to his geeky kind of funny type of style, makes it very hard to not fall in love with him. My biggest wish is to go to one of his concerts, at least I kind of did this past July when I attend to "Josh Groban: All that echoes, artist's cut" in Ann Arbor, Michigan. It was 1 hour and 40 minutes of Joshy (as I nickname him). It was the best time of my life, hearing and seeing in a big theater screen Joshy singing his famous and new songs (with a jokes in between). 
When I visited his official website, it provides enough information about his charity work, performances, tour dates, media (such as Youtube videos, blogs, and albums). Also, he has an Official Twitter where he posts different thoughts and jokes, pictures and other funny stuffs he personally finds in the internet. He also has an Instagram page (a page where you only post pictures and mini videos), but until today he only has post 73 pictures meaning that he haven't used it a lot. My first wish in my "Bucket list" is to be able to meet him, but it will have to wait now until he can come to Puerto Rico one day or I go to the US to one of his concerts. The video below is a famous duet that he made with Celine Dion for the song "The Prayer" originally duet with Andrea Bocelli, where Joshy had he first exposition in a big audience.  Hope you'll like it!


Coldplay!!! One word: YELLOW!!! Another great band. They have evolved over the years and they become better with each album also. I became a listener to their songs since they release their album A Rush of Blood with their famous song "Clocks". But I became fan since I heard for the first time the song that changed my life "Yellow"!! Yes, it change my life because as many of you by now know that my favorite color is yellow and to have a song that talks about this amazing color is like wonderful.  They are a very popular band in the UK and US due to their famous songs used for many movies, comercials, series, etc. such as the song "Atlas" for the movie Catching Fire, from the Hunger Games. "Viva la Vida" was on of their major hits, when they appear in an I-tunes commercial from the Apple company. 
In their colorful official website, it contains everything that you can imagine. Even artwork of their fans in their "Exhibition Room".  Alsom a they have a very popular blog in Tumblr, where they post different pictures and many of their fans can interact and share videos and other pictures with them. I just love this band and one day my dream is to go to their concert, but until that day I will keep on watching their concert in Blu-Ray (Live 2012) and I will leave you with my favorite song from them, Yellow...

9/10/2013 11:13:34 am

Love One Republic especially with their first single hit that came out "Apologize" and their second one "Stop and Stare". Also like Coldplay's music, for me their music is sort of "un viaje" lol.

9/12/2013 11:35:18 am

I love Coldplay!! Some of my favorite songs are Paradise, The Scientist and Clocks. I also like One Republic's song Apologize. You have a great taste in music!


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